That’s going to be the story for the next year or so: [digital health] moving from a curiosity, to a research tool, to an actual mainstream, accepted clinical tool. I think it’s very exciting. Corey Bridges, CEO, LifeMap Solutions

Think about all the ways the cloud touches your life in the course of an average week. You bank online, shop online, and probably even book appointments online. All powered by the cloud and allowing you to find most of what you need with just a few clicks.

So, why isn't this same set of functionality already standard in healthcare services?

Some health service administrators will say that data security threats make the online environment too risky. Others will point out that federal and state compliance requirements are too difficult to guarantee in the cloud. We've even heard this: "the cloud can't possibly work for us because ours is just a different kind of business."

These myths have been repeated to the point that many accept them as truth. The reality is that the cloud offers the most elegant solution in helping make healthcare function better for everyone.

Improved Security

Clinics, hospitals, insurance companies, and many other businesses associated with healthcare services tend to house sensitive data on computers that live on-premises. That seems to makes sense, right? We tend to believe that the things we value are safest when they're visible and in our care. Except for one big problem.

Few businesses can dedicate the necessary time, money, and expertise to installing, maintaining, and upgrading the most up-to-date security systems and software. That gap opens the door to security breaches.

Secure access to medical records

You wouldn't expect your patients to entrust their health to just anyone. Treat sensitive data with the same high degree of attention. Partnering with the right cloud provider means the difference between a crisis and peace of mind.

The beauty of the cloud is that each organization can customize the best solution according to its needs. Want to have secure access from any location? No problem. Desktop as a Service (DaaS) is one type of cloud configuration that many working within the healthcare services tend to prefer. It offers full security plus tailored access. Only authorize users will be able to reach sensitive data. DaaS even protects against internal errors that can lead to breaches.

Compliance Made Easy

The tricky part about government-mandated regulations is that every business associated with the healthcare industry, including insurance companies and medical device manufacturers, must also comply. That list also includes cloud providers.

If you've done even a minimum of research, you already know: not all cloud providers are qualified.

iNSYNQ offers hosting options to meet a variety of security standards, including HIPAA, PPACA, and PCI. We understand the complex needs of the healthcare services industry, and we can help you build and deploy successful and compliant systems.

Better Collaboration

At the heart of it, everyone involved in providing healthcare wants the same thing. The goal is to give patients and colleagues the best user experience possible because that helps to improve health outcomes. From booking an appointment to seeing a health professional to accessing test results and medications to arranging follow-up care, navigating health services should be simple, fast, and rewarding for all involved.

Collaboration is better with cloud services

Imagine a situation where a team made up of various medical professionals can communicate with each other about a patient's progress at any given time. Cloud capabilities offer significant benefits to chronic disease sufferers in remote, rural, or under-serviced regions allowing them to maintain consistent and meaningful contact with their care providers.

Not only does sharing expertise add to the pool of general knowledge, but each patient will be better informed and less likely to fall between the cracks of service.

When teams share information in real time, silos disappear and response times get faster. Collaboration and access to the most up-to-date information ensures that all team members and clinicians can provide quality care with the best results.

No one within the healthcare industry wants to spend a large part of the annual budget on maintaining an IT team. That money is better spent on patient care. As a certified, reliable cloud provider, we offer you a high level of service that will help you meet your goals.

Call one of our Cloud Productivity Experts to explore which cloud service is right for your business.

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