Have you tried Single Sign On (SSO) yet?

This latest capability courtesy of cloud technology is something you'll want to think about adopting whether your plans for your future business growth are extensive or not. It will grant you the extra time you need to tackle your goals.

SSO is a way of using a single set of credentials to access all the applications you and your employees need to use. Most companies now encourage staff to work in the cloud and from mobile devices. So, SSO offers the convenience and security of doing business from anywhere, anytime.


No more long lists


Long lists are long gone

IT experts have always said that setting good passwords is one of the best ways to ensure data and network security. Data thieves can't steal sensitive information that they can't access. The problem is that the task of re-setting passwords every few months to maintain that high level of security has become a job unto itself.

You know how it is. Someone from IT sends a nice reminder to your inbox asking you to re-set your password or access will be lost. Make it long, they suggest. Use the right mix of numbers, capitals, miscellaneous characters, and so on. A few mandatory re-sets later and most employees would rather tear their hair out than see another prompt. Seriously, how many combinations of your pet's name can you think of anyway? Oh, and by the way, passwords that are too easy to figure out – like your pet's name – are a serious no-no.

In the end, most of us work out a way to comply with these demands while minimizing our own stress. We create printable lists of every password we use to access the applications and computers we need to do our job. Cue the collective eye rolling in IT.

Enter Single Sign On.

Here's how it works. A single password allows all approved team members to use the applications they need. Employees will only have access to files for which they are approved. No memorizing long, complex combinations. No printing lists of passwords. SSO offers the ultimate in convenience along with more productivity and security. It's simple to use, too, which minimizes frustration and non-compliance.


Get more from your help desk


Help desk relief

Help desk staff are expert problem-solvers. There usually isn't an issue or question they can't address. These employees possess in-depth knowledge of the company, processes, and products. So, why do managers allow them to apply their valuable skills to problems that are easily avoidable? According to our partners at Okta, “up to 40% of help desk calls are requests for password re-sets. And at over $20 per call, those costs add up quickly.” Imagine dedicating more of your staff's time and talents toward innovation. What could you achieve?


Be more productive


More productivity

Collaboration between departments or partnering companies is key to business growth. SSO facilitates that process. Pool knowledge and reduce overhead and duplication to increase profitability and productivity. A single secure sign on gives teams entry to any application that will allow them to complete projects on time.


We all need better security


Better security

Enhanced data protection is integral to the Single Sign On capability.

  • The password is long and complex.
  • Multi-factor authentication ensures that a notification is automatically sent to the authorized user in the event of an attempted breach.

How quickly can your System Administrator remove access privileges when an employee leaves the company? Hopefully, they're fast. Likely, they're not. Personnel changes are just one part of what an Administrator might do in the course of a day, week, or month. SSO makes that task easier and more secure. Administrators can check permissions at a glance and immediately block access. Data breaches make great fiction. The reality is far less pleasant.

Single Sign On is a key feature of CloudRunner. Want to chat about how this can work for you? Call us now and speak directly with a Cloud Productivity Expert.




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