Alex Taylor, Chief Operations Officer of Tri Pac Inc., knew everything was going to be different the day after he returned from his latest business trip to Europe.

"For years, it was a nightmare. I would do the best I could using my mobile phone. However, it’s nearly impossible to do much more than email with that. When it comes to doing accounting, finance, invoicing, full spreadsheets … it was very challenging. That’s why it would normally take two weeks to get back into the swing of things. I had so much paperwork to catch up on after a one-week trip," he says. "I've missed everything for that week, plus I still needed to get caught up on my regular work load once I get back."

However, that all changed after subscribing to a customized cloud-hosting package with iNSYNQ. "This time, it took me one day to get caught up," reported Taylor. “Being able to do the work while I was traveling meant I didn’t have the panic attack the day before getting back to the office. I didn’t have the mountain of work to make up.”

Success in today's business climate depends on collaboration and access. Your employees and customers expect it from you, and web-accessible applications help you meet those needs. Better yet, they save you time and money so you can grow your business, spend more time with family, and maybe even take a worry-free vacation.

Cloud access to your corporate applications can make all the difference to your business – no matter what your line of business.


Most organizations have legacy applications needed to run operations. The application vendor may have an online version, but the features you rely upon are only available in the version installed on your own computer or server. This can leave you feeling trapped or chained to your office. Did you know that your legacy applications can be installed in a state-of-the-art hosting infrastructure with full connectivity, reliability, and support? You can have access to all your functionality and files anytime, anywhere, on any device.

Cloud Hosting

That means being able to quickly address any operational need without having to be in a specific location or on a specific computer. No more midnight drives into the office for that one file. No waiting to get back from the business trip to update records or get the client the information they need. No more anxiety build-up from all those critical activities put off until you can be back in the system.

Disaster Recovery

Whether your business is located in an area vulnerable to natural disasters or you've been hearing about people whose computers have been hacked, you might be thinking it’s time to develop a good disaster recovery plan.

Disasters are horrible and expensive regardless of the size of your business. A damaged building, furniture, or hardware can all be repaired or replaced. But, what about all of your valuable business and customer data? Web-based applications allow you to keep all your productivity tools and documents intact and accessible, independent of the state of your physical location. You will be able to access all important data regardless of where you are or what device you have available.

"At one point, we used an internal server," Taylor reported. "But, if anything happened to our building, we would have lost all the data on that server. Backing up our own files wasn't really an option because the streaming process would slow down our Internet service. The best solution was for us to store all our data on INSYNQ's servers because they're constantly monitored and protected in ways we can’t do ourselves."

Staff Efficiency

Does your IT team help increase profits? Wait. Do you have an IT team?

A department full of IT professionals working to keep your computers and software up-to-date and protected from breach is just too expensive for many businesses to even consider. Yet, doing all of those tasks yourself adds loads of non-billable hours to your month.

An efficient staff

Improving your bottom line without an IT department is entirely possible with the right cloud provider.

Look for one that is a proven expert at managing systems and applications. With a customized cloud service, you will find yourself turning those non-billable hours into profits. The automation that working in the cloud provides means you and your staff can cut downtime due to software and hardware failure, streamline workflows, and improve customer experience.

Cost Savings

How much do you spend each year on computers? And how much of that cost is driven by needing the fastest processors and the most memory you can get, in order to make sure you can run your applications efficiently?

When your applications and critical data are run and stored in the cloud, you can 1) refresh your machines less often and 2) do so with less computing power and memory required. That adds up to hundreds of dollars each year for each employee. Those are real dollars that can go to your bottom line or be reinvested in the growth of your company.

True “Road Warrior” Productivity

That ability to access what you need anytime, anywhere is one of the hallmarks of cloud technology. Taylor agrees. "Switching to this system and getting up and running has been a godsend for our business," he says, "because it fully allows me to get my work done as I’m out and about, visit clients and focus on their needs. I can pull up files when and where I need them.”

Be a productive road warrior

When you’re on the road, you need to give your attention to the customers and partners you are visiting. Not worrying about your systems. Having your applications in the cloud allows you and your staff to respond to those client needs while still dealing with normal day-to-day tasks. Better yet, web-based applications can facilitate the kind of work-life balance that many business owners and employees dream about.

We've been helping businesses for over 20 years, and we now host over 100 different applications. Call one of our Cloud Productivity Experts to find out how web-based applications can make your goals a reality.

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