Although our systems are not yet turned on, I am touching base because the team is continuing to work around the clock to get your files and backups up and running. We have made significant progress and we are still extremely hopeful that this will happen in the near future- as soon as early next week- where we may be able to begin turning on accounts. 

I am acutely aware of and understand your frustrations and concerns through this process. There are many ways to go about securing and restoring files- by now I'm sure you've read the many news pieces out there that describe the challenges of giving too much detail on the different ways to handle these sorts of attacks and the challenges of information sharing during them. 

We are planning to have a more clear update tomorrow. As always, you can also check status updates on our website here. For those of you have responded to my emails and haven't heard back- I'm working with my executive team to reach out to you as quickly as possible. 


Elliot Luchansky


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