In either VDI or DaaS form, adopting a virtual desktop strategy can enhance a company’s business practices in several key ways. Along with company-specific benefits such as reduced IT costs and improved productivity, the virtual desktop can reduce waste and support sustainability.

Virtual Desktops are Economical

For businesses struggling with budget constraints, virtual desktop technology can save money by eliminating the need for maintaining a large IT staff and eliminating costs related to installing and maintaining a large number of separate desktop configurations. Although VDI on a local network still requires the support of IT professionals who can maintain and manage the servers that host the company’s virtual desktops, the investment in IT remains lower than it would for an environment built around individual desktops on separate machines.

If a company opts for the completely cloud-based DaaS, those costs drop even more, since the cloud provider has the responsibility for maintaining remote servers hosting desktops and other aspects of a company’s computing needs.

Virtual Desktops Improve Productivity

Virtual desktop solutions boost productivity in several ways. Employees can access their desktops from anywhere using any device, so work tasks can be handled even when someone is away from their desk. With the appropriate permissions, others can access a desktop, too, so work can continue even if a particular user is absent from the job.

Virtual desktop technology also makes it easy to manage a remote and highly diverse workforce. Companies facing budget constraints may have to outsource aspects of the company’s operations to freelancers and independent contractors. On the other hand, a company may be expanding its reach into other areas of the country or the world, so that work must be coordinated among staffers in a variety of locations and time zones. In all these situations, virtual desktop technology that allows users to access their data and apps at any time from any device allows people to connect and collaborate wherever they are, so that projects can be completed faster and time can be used more efficiently.

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