The Story of Holden Business Services

Stop what you're doing, and take a look around your office. What's in your workspace – computers, filing cabinets? All of it loaded with customer data and business records. What if a natural disaster threatened to wipe it all away? How would you protect the vital parts of your business?

Becky Holden, owner of Holden Business Services in North Carolina found herself in exactly that predicament.

On September 7, 2018, news broke that Hurricane Florence was packing Category 4 winds and heading right for the Carolina coast. On September 11th, mandatory and voluntary evacuations were announced in both North and South Carolina. The 130-plus mile per hour winds and estimated rainfall of two feet put a large swath of the Carolinas in danger.

Hurricane Florence threatened a wide area of the North and South Carolina coast

What would you do if you were facing a natural disaster? Would you busy yourself with boxing up papers and equipment? Or perhaps you would begin the hours-long process of backing-up your entire client files to an external hard drive and hoping they won't get lost or damaged in the commotion? How confident would you be that everything important to your business was protected?

“Florence made landfall in Carolina Beach less than an hour north of us,” said Holden. “Then, in the days that followed, storm clouds hung over the Carolinas and dropped more rain than the region normally sees in an entire year. Some roads were impassable and some were washed away. Some communities, like Wilmington, were completely cut-off so that FEMA found it necessary to fly in water and supplies.”

After the storm had passed, the rain continued not only on the coast, but well inland. For many businesses, it took many long weeks before they could re-open their doors to customers. The work of re-building client data would take much longer.

So much water and no where for it to go

Holden's business, however, remained largely unaffected. Despite some physical damage to her property, she continued to look after her clients through the worst of the storm and its aftermath because she already had her business and client data securely stored in the cloud. Holden accessed the files and applications she needed to run her business easily and without interruption. She checked in on clients, updated records and filed invoices all from any device with an internet connection.

Holden recommends that her clients put their own data and applications in the cloud as well. She sees her job as helping them plan for their own business continuity in the face of disaster. “A number of my clients were able to keep operating from alternative locations, some in another state, all because their data was stored in the cloud,” said Holden. She was able to focus instead on what was most important – the health and welfare of her family and community.

Holden’s clients know they can count on her. Rain or shine. And she knows that she doesn’t have to worry about her business data or applications, even in the midst of a horrible storm.

“We face hurricanes here in the Carolinas, and we know the damage they can do,” said Holden. “But every region faces its own threat from Mother Nature. Whether it’s tornadoes, fires, floods, winter storms or something else, no location is truly safe from the threats that can suddenly derail a business.”

We were thrilled to find Becky Holden safe and sound when we checked in with her after the storm had passed. We are proud to support her, and so many others like her, who keep their business, and their clients' businesses, operational despite the challenges.

Buildings and equipment are replaceable. Your data isn’t. Call one of our Cloud Productivity Specialists to talk about your business continuity plan.

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