Whether you manage an IT department for a small to mid-sized business or a major enterprise, you are bound to face  numerous issues that decrease efficiency and productivity and increase stress. Most IT departments today are tasked with doing more with less; with flat staffing and budgets but increased workload. It’s imperative to create the infrastructure to allow your organization to scale, while still tackling the largest issues that your IT team is tasked with today. Here are some of the common issues that you might be facing, along with ways that implementing the cloud will help to solve those issues so your business can thrive.  

Problem #1: Security

Year after year, security remains at or near the top of the list of IT concerns. Data leaks, hacking, compliance breaches, and many other issues are pushing IT departments to find new ways to lock down their IT infrastructure and secure their data. Further compounding the issue of security and data integrity are increasing governmental regulations (e.g. GDPR), new methods of cyberattacks (e.g. artificial intelligence) and concerns over customer privacy.

Solution: Cloud desktops are typically designed to provide multiple layers of security, from a high level of control over users, devices and access to your data across your entire network. Employees will be able to securely access what they need and when they need it, and IT can rest assured that they can focus on other areas of responsibility.

Problem #2: The Skills Gap

Twenty years ago, the IT industry was flush was coders, developers and engineers who knew and understood everything the industry had to offer. Today, the IT industry is faced with a skills gap that appears to be widening. New technology has created a shift in the industry and newcomers are not keeping up with the new skills that are in demand. While younger generations are more in-tune with using modern technology, they are not pursuing the skills necessary to build and maintain it. Less than three percent of college students are obtaining a college degree in computer science, and industry experts are estimating that almost 1.8 million IT jobs could be unfulfilled by 2020.

Solution: While hiring and retaining talent is crucial to the success of your business, choosing the right cloud provider can help bridge the IT skills gap by providing both the technology and support vs an in-house solution. Many companies today are already recognizing an opportunity to scale, save money and increase productivity by outsourcing much of the work that IT has been responsible for in the past.  

Problem #3: Burn Out

Make no mistakes about it; IT worker burnout is real. The added stress of keeping up with changing technology, new threats to security and a shortage of resources has left IT workers with too much on their plate and not enough time and budget to keep up. This leads to low morale at work, a decrease in productivity and high turnover for these types of positions.

Solution: From app provisioning to streamlining onboarding and exist of employees with a quick click of a button, the right cloud service provider can take a whole lot of stress off of your IT resources. Even better if you can find a provider that provides additional support and expertise.

Problem #4: Interoperability 

There are thousands of business applications, hardware devices, proprietary software and other IT solutions that businesses across the globe use on a daily basis. This has created a web of interoperability challenges that tech workers are struggling to untangle. This many pieces of software, hardware, etc. being used has created millions of possibilities for interaction between solutions that have been created by different organizations. It’s up to IT departments to ensure a business’s CRM, bookkeeping, security, document transmission and dozens of other applications all work together in conjunction to keep processes flowing smoothly 24x7x365.

Solution: Installing software, managing applications, sharing files, and more becomes simplified with the cloud. In fact, with the right solution the same person who hires a new employee can set them up to start working without impacting the IT department.

Solving Tech’s Top Issues

While there is no single solution that will solve every issue faced by IT departments across the country, IT departments can alleviate a lot of their concerns by implementing cloud solutions, including DaaS. Desktop as a Service allows businesses to setup virtual desktops with private cloud hosting of their most widely-used software applications. These virtual desktops are secure, easy to manage and make it easier for IT teams to integrate and use applications, even remotely. Learn more about how virtual desktop solutions can solve some of your IT department’s top concerns by contacting iNSYNQ today.

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