We’re hearing confusion from customers around what to expect once you're logged to your iNSYNQ desktop. We want to first confirm that it's totally safe to access your desktop and any files in it.

Here's are some other things you can expect:

· While your files will be available, your applications may not be immediately accessible and/or populate to your account. If your applications have populated (ie Quickbooks) but are not opening, save those applications to your desktop to use locally. We are working on getting these up and running within the system as quickly as possible, and while it could take up to two weeks, we believe it will be much sooner.

· You might see encrypted files on your desktop with .megacortex as an extension- they aren’t available to access. If you need access to those files immediately please check your local backups or contact support. Luckily, the vast majority of the files that were impacted (i.e., are encrypted) are smaller files and do not include QuickBooks or Sage files. We're currently working to determine if we can decrypt these files.

· For the next 30 days, you should backup all of your data directly to your local hard drive.

· Last, but not least, we're here to help you through this. At any time you can call our support line at 1-866-356-6420 to help.

We've also been asked about recourse/reimbursement for customers. Your reimbursement will be commensurate with the time you have been unable to access your iNSYNQ desktop, and you will see a discount on your August billing. We will be more specific with this in the coming days.

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