By now, you've probably heard of DaaS – Desktop as a Service. Many who use it have ventured so far as to call it the Next Best Thing in cloud computing (Information Age). Understandably so. Thanks to the cloud, DaaS allows businesses of all sizes to exploit many of the same resources that, previous to this, only the largest organizations could use, minus the huge infrastructure costs. Yes, DaaS is a fantastic service.

The real question, however, is whether it should be your next move.

What is Daas?

At its heart, DaaS is a subscription service that provides businesses with virtual desktops. Authorized users can access their own applications and files anywhere and at any time. Practically any application you already use or are considering using can be integrated into a DaaS model. You can even decide whether to migrate some or all of the applications you use to the cloud. DaaS gives you any level of flexibility your business needs while still allowing you to maintain control of your data and desktop.

The power of Desktop-as-a-Service


Who should use DaaS?

From signing up for Google Drive to hiring an in-house IT team, business owners have so many computing options available today. That diversity of choice will only continue to grow as technology advances. So, the first step in understanding whether DaaS is right for you is assessing your own business needs.

Ask yourself...

  • Do I expect to grow my business over time?
  • Do I hire seasonal employees or experience a high turnover rate?
  • Do I have many remote users on staff?

DaaS is useful in all of those situations and more. As you scale your business up, you will likely need to leverage computing power with more memory, faster processing, and a more diverse set of applications. All of that is expensive and time-consuming for anyone, let alone someone not well-versed in IT management. DaaS applications can be customized, so you decide which ones to add and when. New hires and terminations are processed instantly. Your new employee can be productive immediately and no more wondering if your previous employee still has system access 6 months after they’re gone. Better yet, working from any location on any device is no longer an exercise in frustration. You can be fully functional anywhere.

DaaS benefits large and small businesses

Notice, I'm not asking you to consider whether yours is a small, medium, or enterprise-sized business. Size doesn't matter. DaaS capabilities can be applied to all businesses. The goal is to solve the problems that you face on any given day.

How do you migrate your business to DaaS?

Size does matter when it comes to implementing a DaaS model, however. The truth is that migrating data is likely to be a much easier and faster task for a small or medium-sized company than for one at the large enterprise level. Regardless of where your business sits on that spectrum, the fact that DaaS is so flexible makes any transition possible. The beauty lies in how structured and tailored the migrations process is.

First, define sets of user groups and the applications they need. Then, specify the type of authorizations that will allow them access to data and applications. iNSYNQ will handle every part of the move, run the tests, and ensure that little to no disruption occurs during migration.

Reduce capital expenditures while expanding resources


What do you get for the monthly fee?

Yes, DaaS is offered as a subscription service. If you've ever had to deal with sudden costly computer repairs, a reputation-damaging security breach, or the devastating impact of a natural disaster, you'll appreciate the ongoing support of a dedicated DaaS provider who will...

  • guarantee enterprise grade security,
  • handle all implementation and management,
  • manage all the licenses pertaining to software and applications,
  • control data storage, backup, security, and upgrades,
  • comply with all relevant regulatory standards.

DaaS gives you increased data security, easier platform migration, improved disaster recovery, new desktop provisioning, as well as compliance issue resolutions.

The total subscription cost is based on your customized specifications. You will find that the fee always amounts to less than the cost of maintaining IT infrastructure in-house.

There's one more benefit to DaaS that really must be pointed out. Remember, it's your desktop. That means you can still keep those kids and pets pics with you all the time.

Still unsure how to make the transition to DaaS? No problem. Call one of our Cloud Productivity Experts today.

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