Living in Cybersecurity Denial

March 08, 2019

“I’m not a target” and other lies we choose to believe about cybersecurity

“I’ve never had any problems, I really don’t think the bad guys are wasting their time coming after me,” I was recently told by the founder of a small, but growing business. But the reality is more complex, more nuanced and in stark contrast to this thinking. Much like...

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The Zero Trust Model of Security

March 01, 2019

The Most Paranoid-Sounding Security Model Might Be the Best

Never trust. Always verify.

That does sound a tad paranoid, doesn’t it? There is a certain truth to it nonetheless. Data breaches can happen to anyone at any time – even if security protocols are all in place.

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Can Your IT Department Fuel Your Business Growth?

February 20, 2019

Growing a business can feel like a Herculean task. The will is there, but finding expansion room in the budget is a challenge. Turning to less expensive alternatives for the resources your business currently needs is a common go-to strategy. But that option sometimes backfires. It can leave a business unable to take advantage of future market...

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4 Reasons Why Single Sign-On Is Revolutionary

February 15, 2019

Have you tried Single Sign On (SSO) yet?

This latest capability courtesy of cloud technology is something you'll want to think about adopting whether your plans for your future business growth are extensive or not. It will grant you the extra time you need to tackle your goals.

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Snow Day? No way!

February 08, 2019

We keep going without disruption, thanks to ... iNSYNQ

“We take the safety of our associates very seriously here at iNSYNQ,” says Chief Revenue Office, Shannon Vanderford. “That means that when the forecast calls for a significant storm which will likely make the roads unsafe, we’d prefer they don’t commute. But that’s nothing like the ‘snow...

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5 Ways to Drive Profitability with Cloud Hosted Applications

December 18, 2018

Alex Taylor, Chief Operations Officer of Tri Pac Inc., knew everything was going to be different the day after he returned from his latest business trip to Europe.

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Who We Are

December 04, 2018

If you've got two minutes, watch this video to learn what iNSYNQ can do for your business.

 Not up for watching? You can read the text of the video below.

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Business Continuity in The Face of a Natural Disaster

November 21, 2018

The Story of Holden Business Services

Stop what you're doing, and take a look around your office. What's in your workspace – computers, filing cabinets? All of it loaded with customer data and business records. What if a natural disaster threatened to wipe it all away? How would you protect the vital parts of your business?

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Why does your small business need the cloud?

May 28, 2018

Cloud computing is the fastest growing IT sector in the world, and some trend watchers predict that within a decade or so, businesses without a cloud computing strategy may as well have no Internet presence at all. It may seem that the solutions offered by cloud computing providers are the province of large enterprises with heavy data loads and...

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Virtual Desktops Keep Data Secure

May 21, 2018

Computers and other devices can be damaged, lost or stolen—and when that happens, a company’s sensitive data and other important apps stored on a local desktop can go with them. With virtual desktops that are accessible from a centralized location, that data remains safe and accessible to anyone who needs it, even if a user’s device meets with...

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Benefits for Better Business Practices

May 14, 2018

In either VDI or DaaS form, adopting a virtual desktop strategy can enhance a company’s business practices in several key ways. Along with company-specific benefits such as reduced IT costs and improved productivity, the virtual desktop can reduce waste and support sustainability.

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Virtual Desktop Infrastructure: A Remote Server Solution

May 07, 2018

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, or VDI, technology is a virtual desktop solution that hosts users’ desktops remotely. This VD model stores individual desktop configurations on a separate server either in the company’s own datacenter or one operated remotely by a third party. In this way, user desktops can be accessed from various places on...

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