Add Your Virtual Desktop To Your Mobile Device

October 04, 2017

Our support staff frequently gets asked how to configure the software needed to access virtual desktops from mobile devices. The process is quick and easy using a free app. Following are the five steps to securely access your virtual desktop from iPads, iPhones, Android tablets, Android phones, and other mobile devices.

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Pro Tip: MS Office Desktop vs Online

October 02, 2017

If you're like most SMBs, you probably live and breathe Microsoft Office. You might use the software's (Excel) spreadsheet applications daily to keep track of spending. MS Word might be your go-to for your company communications, and PowerPoint might help you present your ideas at meetings.

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3 Ways To Optimize Your Business In The Cloud

October 02, 2017

Cloud technology is one of the best ways for you to accomplish tasks that you don't have time to do yourself. Use it to complete those jobs that you don't have the skills to do yourself, too. Maybe you're a whiz at tax preparation, but customer relationship management processes are a mystery to you. No problem. Cloud-based software can be matched...

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iNSYNQ Partners With AvidXchange

October 01, 2017


iNSYNQ Announces New Strategic Partnership with AvidXchange For Secure, Customized, Cloud-Hosted Accounting

GIG HARBOR, Washington, (October 1st, 2017)–  iNSYNQ, a pioneer in enterprise-level cloud computing specializing in secure Quickbooks hosting, announced a...

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3 Reasons Why Accountants Need CRM

September 25, 2017

Customer Relationship Management (or CRM) is all about figuring out how interactions with your customers affect your business. Once you have that information, you can work on building up the positive and tweaking the negative.

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6 Reasons Why Accountants Use Sage

September 18, 2017

Accountants, and other finance professionals, have a lot on their plates every day. You meet with clients, confer with staff, and generally make sure that your business is humming along as it should. I'm sure it will come as no surprise when I tell you that we've got ways to help you become even more successful!

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Start Your Business Off Right ... In The Cloud

September 11, 2017

Start Your Business Off Right ... In The Cloud

I don't have to tell you that there's a lot that goes into starting your own business. You'll spend countless hours figuring out how you're going to sell your product or service. You'll have to work out how many employees you'll need to hire, and what kind of vetting they'll need.

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Labor Day – A Celebration Of SMBs!

September 04, 2017

Happy Labor Day!

Take a break from work today. Don't even give your business a thought. We've got it all covered.

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How To Train Staff To Avert Disaster

August 28, 2017

What was the last disaster to hit a business like yours? Hopefully, you avoided the impact. If you were one of the lucky ones, did you breathe a sigh of relief? Is your business disaster-proof?The reality is that you can't predict when disaster will strike. You can't even be sufficiently sure about what kind of a disaster it will be. The only...

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4 Reasons Why Accountants Need To Be In The Cloud

August 21, 2017

Cloud technology is not the future. It's now. It's everywhere. 

So, what is this cloud anyway? Don't feel bad if it all sounds like rocket science to you. Sometimes just getting past the terms and definitions can prove daunting. No worries, though. Cloud computing may sound complex, but it isn't at all. 

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Cloud Computing Can Improve Your Disaster Recovery Plan

August 14, 2017

Some businesses are moving away from developing a detailed, in-house, disaster recovery plan since moving their operations to the cloud. The general belief behind that lack of action is that their data is safe in the cloud. So, whatever happens to their bricks-and-mortar premises doesn't really matter all that much.

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Who Owns Data? Staying On The Right Side Of Privacy Laws

August 07, 2017

So, you're well on your way to moving your business to the cloud. You've figured out how to go mobile, serve your clients, and attract the best staff. Now that everything is chugging along smoothly, you should probably take a moment to check on your client data. Where is it stored? How secure is the storage? Can governments access the information? 

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