If you're ready to take advantage of all the benefits that moving all or part of your business to the cloud can offer you, then you've made the right choice. But, there's still one more decision you have to make. Do you opt to join the public or private cloud?

Let's start with a breakdown of what separates the two types of cloud services.


The public cloud provider is responsible for all the updates, maintenance, and general management of the system. The provider basically supervises all the data you save in a data center. That provider makes sure that your data is secure and accessible according to your needs. The beauty of the public cloud is that you don't have to allocate funds or staff to choosing, testing, purchasing, or maintaining your computer, servers, and back-up systems. The provider is responsible for all of that. You simply focus on running your business and saving your data to the cloud.


As the word suggests, the private cloud lives internally within your company. Your IT team would set up a firewall behind which all your data can be stored for safekeeping. If your business already needs to have an IT team on staff or currently owns and uses its own data center, then the private cloud might be the right option for you.


Security is an issue for both public and private cloud accounts. Providers who offer public cloud services have been very active at ensuring that their security protocols use the latest and most effective technology.

Businesses don't always have the resources to keep the security on their private cloud systems up-to-date. However, the fact that these systems are internal can mitigate the threat of a security breach.

Ultimately, your decision to save your data to the private or the public cloud comes down to some very real day-to-day factors.

• Consider how elaborate and up-to-date your current computer system is. 

• Do you have an IT team?

• Do you have a reliable data back-up system?

• Do you have the funds to cover the costs of maintaining and replacing servers?

The best part of cloud services – whether public or private – is that you don't have to make one hard choice either way. Cloud services can be completely customized according to your business needs. You can use the public cloud to access some software your staff uses while saving sensitive data to a private cloud.

Contact us to find out how private and public cloud services can help your business succeed.

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