No matter who you are, we can all agree there just isn’t enough time in the day. Especially when you’re an accountant around tax season, an entrepreneur working on your start up, or just trying to find the balance between your work and personal life. This recipe for success will help you find that ‘work-life’ balance with the right tools!


•  Motivation
•  Smart Phone
•  Calendar
•  Laptop
•  Cloud Host Provider
•  QuickBooks Online
•  Applications


Step 1. Measure the amount of time for work and life, mix together for calendar

Defining the amount of time in the day that you are going to spend on work is important because this will give you a clear and set boundary between the time spent on work and time spent on other things. Once defined, put this into writing on your calendar and stick with it. When life isn’t chaotic, use the calendar with set times for work and personal time. I stick to my Outlook Calendar for my business and personal appointments. But, life isn’t perfect, sometimes life can interfere with work and work can interfere with life. This is why creating the mobility aspect is next.

Step 2. Pick the right cloud host provider for creating mobility, add smart phone or laptop

Create mobility by picking a cloud host provider that will help you work on the go when life and work interfere with each other. With the right cloud host provider, you can share documents with users in your office, work on a safe and secure platform, and access your email, calendar, and applications from anywhere on your smart phone or laptop. By choosing a cloud host provider, this also saves time for you to focus on your business and not your IT.

With iNSYNQ's customized cloud solution we make choosing a cloud easy because our cloud is customized for every user (and not a one size fits all). We host any application for you and give you just the right amount of data and memory so you only pay for what you need. Working from home, the airport, or meeting with clients is easy with 1 simple login to your virtual desktop from the iNSYNQ website.

Step 3. Pick the applications you need to create a steady optimized workflow, mix with cloud host provider

Finding the right applications can help you optimize your workflow in the cloud. Manually performing tasks such as creating invoices and processing billing and inventory counts can be super time consuming but also requires being at the office. By finding, selecting, and placing the applications that will optimize your workflow into your cloud allows you work from anywhere. Have a destination wedding you need to attend during the week? Work from the airport or at the hotel in your downtime on the applications directly from your virtual desktop. An ‘out of office’ auto reply won’t be necessary.

One application that has proven success is QuickBooks online. With QuickBooks online’s invoicing software, create an optimized workflow by sending smart invoices for you to get paid and pay other invoices 2x faster! Payment systems are built into your QuickBooks account ready for you to use from anywhere with the cloud. *When searching for a cloud host provider make sure the provider is an authorized licensed commercial Intuit host so they can host QuickBooks online for you legally and with the proper end-security.

Other applications to seek out that will optimize workflow include:

  • An instant messaging system (other than email), I prefer Slack
  • Task and project management system (Asana is great!)
  • A secure way to share files with employees and clients (if not on the cloud), ShareFile is also great

Step 4. Mix all of the above with motivation

With your motivation to be successful in your business but also still have time for your personal life and other things, embrace mobility. Finding the time to do things will be easier once you can work on the go or even work from home. Going to work doesn’t mean going to the office anymore. Be successful with life and work with QuickBooks online in the cloud.

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