Rapid growth is a dream for every small business, but it also comes with an inherent set of growing painsBusinesses who are set for heavy growth in a short period of time are often faced with the tasks of hiring new staff, changing office locations, acquiring new technology and formulating new internal business process to keep up with new business goals.  

The IT challenges these businesses face are no different; businesses often need to acquire new software, add software licenses, install new hardware and add many other necessary tools to facilitate further growth. Thankfully, the Cloud has made it easier for businesses to scale faster and easier than ever, and application hosting services are providing the tools businesses need to keep up with their growing software needs. 

Scale Your Business With Cloud-Based Applications 

Most businesses know the benefits the Cloud has to offer. Virtually every organization (96 percent, as reported by CIO) uses the Cloud in some way, and 81 percent of enterprises are currently operating multi-cloud landscapes. One of the primary reasons to move to the Cloud is scalability. Simply put, cloud application hosting allows businesses to easily and quickly change their software solutions based on their growing needs. New applications can be added and multiple new users added without investing heavily in more IT staff or infrastructure, both of which are growing expenses for growing businesses. 

Using the Cloud Without Losing Capabilities

While online versions of applications allow businesses to easily scale exponentially, it can come at the cost of losing capabilities with certain software. Many providers have browser-based versions of their applications, like Microsoft Office Suite, but they often have fewer of the key features many users need. Web application management eliminates this worry and enables businesses to use the full capability of their software while it is hosted on a third-party Cloud server. Businesses are able to leverage the full potential of their software investment without having to allocate IT resources and staff to deploy, optimize, and maintain it. 

Businesses also don’t need to worry about additional the headache of hardware in their offices, saving them additional capital expenses and operating costs. This allows them to grow and scale the usage of their mission-critical software without the burden of housing, powering, securing and maintaining complex servers. They gain the flexibility and scalability of Cloud hosting combined with the usability of full-featured versions of the applications that power their operations. 

Scale with Cloud Application Management Today

If you are using QuickBooks, Microsoft Office Suite or any other mission-critical software application, and need to scale its usage quickly, or if you are struggling with hosting the application locally, Cloud-based applications and web application management are the right solutions for your business. Contact iNSYNQ to discover how we can help you host and maintain all of your applications. 

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