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“We take the safety of our associates very seriously here at iNSYNQ,” says Chief Revenue Office, Shannon Vanderford. “That means that when the forecast calls for a significant storm which will likely make the roads unsafe, we’d prefer they don’t commute. But that’s nothing like the ‘snow day’ you used to get back in grade school. Those snow days meant putting your (school) work aside and playing. However, the work world has different expectations.

“Not that long ago, if you couldn’t get into your office, you really couldn’t get your work done. And you might as well have just played in the snow. Your office was down. Your business was effectively closed. Hopefully your customers understood, or they simply started to use a company that was open. Good luck getting those customers back after the streets were clear again.


Winter weather can close your office


“But current technology has forever changed the definition of ‘Open for Business.’ Not being able to get to the office no longer means not being able to work.

“Yes, it’s important to us to keep every member of our team safe, but it’s just as important that we empower them to be productive no matter where they are. Every one of iNSYNQ’s associates has access to all their important applications and systems via our very own desktop as a service offering. With an internet connection anywhere, each of us can be just as productive as if we were physically in the office.

“Same tasks accomplished, same projects completed, same customers taken care of. A snow day doesn’t mean the office closes. It means the work gets done from other places, but just as well.

“If your team needs that kind of capability, you should call one of our Cloud Productivity Experts - or start a chat with one down at the bottom right of this page. We’ll show you how a virtual desktop can redefine your own productivity.”

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