The Cloud Provides the Framework

The network is at the core of interactivity in the Internet of Everything. It needs to offer a scalable and reliable framework that can support the movement and storage of constant masses of data flowing from billions of linked, smart devices.

Instant Access

The amount of data generated by all these devices is expected to exceed the largest data sets from popular public cloud sites like social media by several orders of magnitude. Much of that data may be transient, vanishing as soon as it’s used, but in any case, increased connectivity means new challenges for data management.

Constant Connectivity

Placing that data in “the cloud” or, in actuality, any of the many public and private clouds now offered by providers across the globe, makes it available for any users, anytime. Data stored in the cloud also becomes available for wider uses in different networks as needed.

The Evolving Cloud

The Internet of Things depends on the cloud, and so will the Internet of Everything. For that reason, many of the challenges facing the rapidly evolving world of cloud computing today will still obtain in a world of even greater and more complex connectivity – and some will become even more pressing.

Security and data protection are ongoing concerns among users of cloud computing services, and as even more devices become connected to each other and to people, those concerns may become even more pressing. Privacy issues may become more pressing as smart devices share personal information among ever-expanding networks, and passive transmission of personal data through sensors or wearable tech becomes more prevalent too.

As more and more devices become connected, cloud providers will need more efficient ways to manage large sets of data from a growing user base. Other practical concerns include handling the increased energy demands of hardware to meet expanding needs for storage, and managing the carbon footprint of a growing network of storage providers.


The Internet of Things arose from the first “digital revolution” of mobile technology, made possible by the advent of cloud computing. Now, a new generation of smart technology and people-driven innovations is taking the cloud in new directions, but it remains the foundation for the emerging Internet of Everything – an ever-expanding, data-rich network available to anyone at anytime.


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