Computers and other devices can be damaged, lost or stolen—and when that happens, a company’s sensitive data and other important apps stored on a local desktop can go with them. With virtual desktops that are accessible from a centralized location, that data remains safe and accessible to anyone who needs it, even if a user’s device meets with misfortune.

The virtual desktop can be particularly useful in industries that involve storing and using large amounts of personal data, such as healthcare and financial services. With a virtual desktop, users can access information such as patient records or the tax returns of a Quickbooks user as needed, without keeping it on a local machine where it could be lost or compromised. The virtual desktop also allows companies to install company-wide security precautions on all desktops from a centralized location, rather than addressing these issues on each individual computer.

Virtual Desktops Lower Environmental Impacts

Virtualization and cloud technologies of all kinds can help companies lower the environmental impact of doing business. Virtual desktops in all configurations can reduce the need for locally installed hardware and software, and centralized hosting can lower energy expenditures, too, with benefits not only for profits, but also for conserving energy overall. With no local infrastructure needed, cloud-based DaaS can have an even greater impact.


Both Virtual Desktop Infrastructure and cloud-based Desktop as a Service options have drawbacks. Storing all a company’s desktops on a single partitioned server can make them vulnerable if that server fails or is compromised. Though less likely, that risk can also affect desktops stored in the cloud, where data and apps can also be exposed to web-based security problems. But overall, virtual desktop technology offers new ways to lower computing costs, boost productivity, and protect sensitive company data—with clear benefits for both day-to-day operations and the bottom line.

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