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The number of web-based applications businesses use is growing fast with a large majority of companies saying nearly all of their apps will be SaaS by 2020. Managing corporate access to these is important, but not all of the applications you need are online. Many apps offer only a reduced-feature version online, if they have one at all, and still require a desktop installation to deliver their full functionality.

So how is a business supposed to straddle this digital divide and be operationally efficient? Let alone do it with little to no IT resources?

That’s where iNSYNQ comes in. We help organizations not only manage their SaaS applications, but also deliver the advantages of cloud hosting for their existing desktop applications.

First, with iNSYNQ Virtual Desktop services, we deploy your legacy applications in state-of-the-art hosting infrastructure with world-class connectivity, reliability and support. As a result, they become just like your web applications: available anytime, from anywhere, on any device. We have more than 20 years’ experience hosting hundreds of applications that our clients rely on to run their businesses, as well as the businesses of their clients.

Next, our application management platform, CloudRunner, allows you to easily administer users, usernames and passwords, and authorized web applications in one place, including the applications iNSYNQ hosts for you.

Improve security with CloudRunner by making sure all passwords are randomized and updated regularly. Even applications with shared login credentials can be protected by not exposing the username and password to your employees.

Applying multi-factor authentication across your applications can help you meet regulatory compliance as well.

CloudRunner was designed to meet the technical requirements of complex organizations, but it’s easy enough for anyone to use. No need to submit a work order to IT or have to battle the existing tech priorities of your company.

That means you can set up a new employee to be productive in seconds. And when they leave, you can make sure their access is shut down just as quickly. Now HR or administrative staff can fully onboard a new employee. The same person that hired them, can get them up and running quickly. No matter which applications they need to use. No matter where those applications exist.

Call us today to speak with a Cloud Productivity Expert. Let us help you seamlessly run your business by unifying the power of your online AND traditional applications.

We are iNSYNQ with your business.

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