A decade ago, the Cloud was in a rather transformative state. It was misunderstood, untrusted and still being molded into the technological powerhouse it would soon become. Today, the Cloud is trusted by businesses worldwide. It has become a staple of modern technology — the Scotch Tape of the IT industry — but many businesses have yet to embrace its full potential.

We think that’s a big mistake. 

The Cloud provides a secure, accessible and easy-to-navigate home for thousands of software applications, and businesses who have yet to move their applications to the Cloud are losing out on all the benefits.

Unless you have an affinity for collecting software boxes, here’s why you should move all your business software to the Cloud.

More Data Storage

Modern computers, even with their massive hard drives, dual processors and gigabytes of RAM, still have their limits, and clogging them with loads of software applications and files is a surefire way to decrease their performance capabilities. When software is moved to a virtual desktop on the Cloud, along with all the files that go along with it, the burden of storage is placed on the servers of the host server, not your PC or in-house network. Cloud applications and storage provide you with far more space than your local PCs and will help your business become more organized, unless you enjoy organizing and labeling external hard drives.

Greater Business Scalability

Every business wants to grow, but sometimes growth can cause severe internal pains for an organization. Part of these growing pains involve buying new desktops for employees, installing new software, etc. Setting up new employees and provisioning users is enough to drive any IT department mad, especially those who are already stretched for time. Cloud-based applications eliminate a lot of this work and allow organizations to scale more quickly, all with less headache. Installation is simpler, user management is easier, and stress is kept low.

Backups and Disaster Recovery

Devices fail; this much has been certain since the dawn of the age of computing. Every PC-using professional has experienced the crushing feeling of having a computer, laptop, or other device die on them. The least fortunate among us have had devices fail when we have no backup hard drive storing our files. The loss of sanity at this point is almost as great as the physical loss of data that went along with it. 

Thankfully, many Cloud-based applications and solutions come with backup and disaster recovery features. That way, you don’t have to feel like you’ve died along with all the data stored in your computer.

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Access Software and Work Anywhere

As freelancing and working from home becomes more commonplace in modern businesses, studies even show employees are more productive,  it’s now more important than ever to ensure flexibility in how employees can access the necessary applications to do their jobs well. Whether your employees work from home, while on the road, or anywhere else, Cloud-based applications allow them to access the work programs, files and data they need, when they need it. There should never be a loss of productivity just because employees aren’t at their desks.

Reduce IT Costs and Strain

Managing a heavy network of storage/service hardware and other IT infrastructure can become expensive and taxing on smaller IT departments. Offloading the storage and performance capabilities of your business applications will not only reduce the amount of investment you make in IT hardware, it will greatly reduce the burden on your internal IT employees.

What About Software Capabilities?

A common concern with online versions of applications is the loss of certain features and capabilities within the software. While it’s true that some software providers limit what goes into the online versions of their applications, this is not a reason to avoid moving your business apps into the Cloud. Cloud hosting through a third-party provider allows businesses to access all the features of applications like MS Office, QuickBooks, etc. without having to either dedicate space on their own server. It’s the best of both worlds. You can have an online version of an application, with all the features, without having to divert resources to your own IT infrastructure.

Making the Cloud Even More Simple and Powerful

If your business works with a multitude of software applications (QuickBooks, Sage, MS Office, CRM systems, tax software, etc.), it can be a hassle to manage the deployment of these on workplace computers, not to mention keep track of users and passwords. While the Cloud makes it easier for your business to grow, iNSYNQ can make your business become more productive. Our proprietary Desktop as a Service (DaaS) solution enables businesses to truly harness the power of the Cloud by hosting all your applications on our secure servers. This means you can access all your business applications from a single dashboard. It’s easy, secure and simplifies IT management for your entire organization.

Contact us today to learn more about what iNSYNQ and Cloud-based applications can do for your business.

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