The Cloud Supports Integration

Cloud technology makes it possible to collaborate and share data anywhere in the world. Innovations in cloud-native applications support integration with existing legacy systems, as well as other platforms and applications in the cloud. Wide-ranging integration lets users maintain local systems along with cloud services for a hybrid cloud solution, and also allows them to partner with others in different cloud environments for information sharing and teamwork.

The Cloud Ensures Constant Access to Data

When data and applications are confined to local systems, access is typically limited to clearly defined times and circumstances. But the cloud erases time and location constraints, so that data and services are available at all times, from anywhere in the world.

Any user with permissions and a connected device can access company data stored in the cloud, making it possible to collaborate across time zones and borders, provide round the clock customer service, and respond quickly to any situation. With constant access to relevant data, documents can be shared and edited in real time, and projects can be completed from remote locations all over the world.

The Cloud is Environmentally Friendly

Local servers consume a significant amount of physical resources and energy, leaving a heavy carbon footprint. By contrast, data centers used for cloud services consolidate the data from a large number of accounts in one central location, to use energy more efficiently and eliminate the need for multiple local data centers, each with its own energy needs and physical components to maintain – and dispose of.

In that way, cloud services are not only more economical for most businesses, but they also help to reduce the impact of computing on the environment, with implications for reducing the impact of climate change, conserving energy, and lessening the environmental impact of disposing of obsolete or non-functioning hardware.

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